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CCE Mexicali reports on activities for the period 2023-2024


The Business Coordinating Council (CCE) met on Tuesday, March 19th at 8:30 a.m. at a well-known hotel in Mexicali to carry out its annual report for the period 2023-2024. Chaired by Luis Manuel Elizondo, the event was attended by executives and members of the business chambers of Mexicali, as well as authorities from all three levels of government and distinguished guests.

During the report, the background of CCE Mexicali was highlighted, an important organization in the development of the capital city of Baja California and a key factor in the local economic transformation. Its role as a driver of economic development, investment, and innovation, generating employment and welfare for the population, was emphasized, as well as its representation of the business sector before the government and society.

The action lines of the CCE include institutional strengthening, economic development, government relations, and special projects. Currently counting on 15 business organizations as active members, who have consolidated their participation in the council. The strategic committees address issues such as energy, water, talent and education, security, urban development, ecology, and sustainability.

With the Nearshoring strategy, the aim is to minimize distances and logistical problems with the consumer market, positioning Mexicali as a strategically located city for business due to its proximity to the most powerful state in the United States, California. A city-level project is proposed to integrate public and private actors in a common vision and purpose.

Elizondo stated: “It is relevant to generate industrial land, offering a quality of life. Security is essential for investments. It is the right time to take action, creating a much more professional police force that is a source of pride for the ‘Cachanillas’, fostering good performance.”

In regards to foreign investment and Nearshoring, Francisco Fuertes, President of CANACINTRA MEXICALI and active member of the CCE, commented: “The CCE committees have been working together with the business chambers of the capital city, as well as with CFE regarding blackouts and network failures, which are currently in a stable situation. In addition, work is being done with the federal government to resolve situations that affect investment operations.”

The need to streamline government processes to attract greater investment to the city was highlighted, including the expansion of the customs facilities and the improvement of technology to facilitate the crossing of goods quickly and safely. It is expected that federal authorities will streamline processes to create infrastructure that will attract greater investment to Mexicali.

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