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Relevant news concerning the region belonging to California and Baja California’s border.
Noticias relevantes relacionadas a la región perteneciente a la frontera de California y Baja California.

February, 2016

  • 29 February

    California’s Newest Airport Terminal Extended to Mexico About Two Months Ago.

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — The U.S.-Mexico border is one of the world’s most fortified international divides. It started in December 2015, and it’s one of the only that has an airport straddling two countries. An investor group that includes Chicago billionaire Sam Zell built a sleek terminal in San Diego with a bridge that …

September, 2008

  • 20 September

    Travel Industry Inspires Americans to Plan a Future Trip

    WASHINGTON, D.C.- As states and cities move to reopen, the American travel industry has launched a major campaign with a clear message for Americans: It’s OK to start planning your next trip—whenever it may be. The “Let’s Go There” campaign, which will extend into 2021, is the result of an …