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CANIRAC Mexicali to Host Padel Fest Tournament at Palestra Club Deportivo


On Sunday, May 26, the Palestra Club Deportivo will host the exciting Padel Fest tournament, organized by CANIRAC Mexicali. From 5:00 pm to midnight, padel fans will have the opportunity to enjoy a day full of action and competition.

Registration for this event is 650 pesos per person, with invoice plus VAT. With first-place prizes of 3,000 pesos per team in each category, the competition promises to be intense. Space is limited to 48 teams, so people invited to register as soon as possible.

The games will be held in a format of 6 matches of 20 minutes each, with 20 minutes of rest between them. In addition, there will be final games to determine the champions of each category.

The tournament will have divisions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, both in the men’s and women’s branches. In the beginner category, the registration of mixed teams and up to 3 participants per team will be allowed to have a replacement player.

But that’s not all, for those who wish to improve their skills, a theoretical and practice clinic for beginners will be held on May 14 and 15, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The organization decided to hop on the padel boom in Mexicali and thus reach a new audience, said Roxana Ramos, President of CANIRAC Mexicali.

“This event is to strengthen the bond between members. We want restaurateurs to participate with their work teams,” Ramos said, adding that they could continue with paddle tennis or participate in another sport in a future month.

The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (CANIRAC) stands as a national business institution, committed to the representation, integration, education, promotion, and defense of the interests and rights of establishments dedicated to the preparation and sale of food. Its primary objective is to promote the progress of the industry through dialogue with the Government and other relevant sectors, as well as to provide a variety of services of general utility.

With a clear and ambitious vision, CANIRAC aspires to become an efficient chamber, supported by its members and self-sustaining, capable of facing the challenges of both the country and the gastronomic sector and each company. It seeks to be an authentic point of consultation, assistance, training, and defense for all its members.

CANIRAC positions itself as a strategic ally for the gastronomic industry, providing a vital space for collaboration and mutual growth. Its commitment to excellence and innovation drives its members to achieve new standards of quality and service in an increasingly competitive market.

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