By: Dr. Elton Gomez, regenerative medicine expert

Because they are a set of diseases, conditions, and severe disorders, which are encompassed in the same word: CANCER, which constitutes a strong impression, personally and socially, and is one of the biggest concerns of public health in the world, they have been sought and have been attributed very diverse causes and origins, some absurd and some without scientific basis, which if true, would disrupt decades of serious scientific research, but they are still worth reviewing since some sound strangely consistent.

  1. CANCER IS OCCUPIED FOR LACK OF OXYGEN: Since a Nobel Prize mentioned that cancer cells do not thrive in an oxygen-rich environment and that they need to be in a low-oxygen environment to survive and reproduce, many people, even researchers, have been given the task of denying and corroborating this theory, which has some truth, but the direct cause of cancer, is something different.
  2. CANCER IS CAUSED BY ACIDITY: This theory is an extension of the first one that I mentioned, since, although it is true that an oxygen-poor environment is acidic, one cannot know for sure that cancer is caused by acidity since the body has means to maintain blood Ph’s and other tissues’.
  3. CANCER IS AN INFECTION, OR BEHAVIOR AS SUCH: A doctor, brilliant, and who could be nominated for the Nobel Prize in the coming years, has coined the term “Atavistic Oncology,” his theory says, that cancer cells behave like the bacteria that initially populated the earth, and lived the freedom. According to this theory, by some intrinsic mechanism, these cells have changed, and have reused the old mechanisms of energy production, going to the fermentative metabolism and spreading like an infection; atavistic oncology uses this fact in its favor, treating cancer with antibiotics. This therapeutic strategy is currently being tested.
  4. CANCER IS OCCUPIED BY MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION AND THE AFFECTION OF THE KREBS CYCLE OR ACID CYCLE IN THE CELLS. This theory, published in the “medical hypothesis” journal is controversial and states that citric acid can be used to cure all types of cancer, it’s curious to see that this therapy has given very positive results in several cases of cancer.
  5. CANCER IS CAUSED BY UNSOLVED CONFLICTS: Broadly speaking, the current of thought known as “the new Germanic medicine” states that tuberculosis, cancer, and other diseases are caused by unresolved conflicts; for example, the loss of a child for a mother can cause breast cancer; abandoning a wife can cause testicular cancer.

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