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CANACINTRA Unveils New Board of Directors for 2024-2025 Term


The National Chamber of the Processing Industry (CANACINTRA) Mexicali inaugurated its new Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 term, led by President Francisco Fuentes Aréstegui. The swearing-in ceremony, attended by representatives from various sectors including business, government officials, associated companies, legislators, councilors, media, and distinguished guests, underscored a commitment to forward-looking initiatives.

Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales, Secretary of Economy and Innovation, and Esperanza Ortega Azar, National President of CANACINTRA, graced the presidium. Also present were Daniel Humberto Valenzuela Alcocer, Secretary of the XXIV City Council of Mexicali; Dip. Daylín García Ruvalcaba, President of the Commission for Economic Development and Binational Trade; Luis Manuel Elizondo Lomelí, President of the Business Coordinating Council; and María de Lourdes Medina Ortega, Vice President of Delegations of National CANACINTRA.

In his address, Fuentes Aréstegui emphasized CANACINTRA’s forward-thinking approach, pledging commitment to renewable energies, infrastructure modernization projects, and facility renovations to better serve associates. “We must integrate new ideas, energies, and talents, with women and young people playing a pivotal role in strengthening our sector’s productivity,” he stated.

Acknowledging Mexicali’s 121st anniversary, he hailed the city’s industrial focus, citing its strategic planning to attract investments, infrastructure projects, and collaboration with educational and governmental entities to enhance economic and social development.

Fuentes Aréstegui announced the establishment of several vice presidencies aimed at addressing industry competitiveness, covering crucial domains such as energy, water, health, environment, infrastructure, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, agriculture, and regional industrial bloc strengthening. These collaborative efforts, he asserted, would drive transformative change.

CANACINTRA Mexicali Board of Directors 2024-2025:

– *President:* Francisco Fuentes Aréstegui

– *Secretary:* Teresa Babún Villarreal

– *Treasurer:* Guillermo Alejandro Ainslie Angulo

The vice presidencies will be represented by:

  1. Miguel Ángel Bravo Jardón
  2. José Manuel Sánchez Palacios
  3. Martín Cueva Cano
  4. Eduardo González Terán
  5. Andrés Daniel Ruelas Martínez
  6. Alejandro Vázquez Valadez
  7. José Edmundo Ulloa Esquer
  8. Humberto Luna Rodríguez
  9. Andrés Campos González
  10. Abel Graciano Aguayo
  11. Marco Flavio Aceves Urzúa
  12. Federico Prieto King
  13. Miguel Hurtado Gutiérrez
  14. Ricardo Wancho Nevárez

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