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California is the fourth most vegan-obsessed state in the US


The team at Easy Vegan Recipes, dedicated to all things vegan, has delved into search volume data for vegan-related phrases across each state in the US, normalized to 100,000 residents. Over the course of the past year, they meticulously analyzed the search volumes for terms such as ‘vegan,’ ‘vegan restaurant,’ ‘vegan substitutes,’ ‘vegan recipes,’ and ‘vegan desserts.’

The findings of this research revealed that New York takes the crown as the state with the highest interest in veganism, boasting a remarkable 594.64 vegan-related searches per 100,000 population. Leading the pack was the term ‘vegan,’ with an estimated monthly count of 82,250 online searches made by New Yorkers. Following closely were 27,600 searches for ‘vegan restaurants’ and 3,808.3 monthly searches for ‘vegan desserts.’ While New York undoubtedly offers an abundant array of vegan dining options and sweet treats, there were also an estimated 3,316.7 monthly searches for ‘vegan recipes.’

Oregon claimed the second spot, with 593.89 vegan-related searches per 100,000 residents. Oregonians engaged in an estimated 6,525 monthly searches for ‘vegan restaurants’ and sought out ‘vegan recipes’ with a frequency of 740.8 searches per month.

Taking the third spot is the island paradise of Hawaii, capturing the attention of vegan enthusiasts with 549.98 searches per 100,000 population. Hawaii witnessed an estimated 2,358.3 online searches for vegan restaurants each month, benefiting from a splendid selection of vegan-friendly establishments, particularly in Honolulu.

California secures a respectable fourth position with 414.13 searches per 100,000 population. Californians emerged as the frontrunners in searches for almost every vegan-related term in the study, including ‘vegan restaurants,’ which garnered an average of 48,750 online searches per month. The most astounding figure was the massive 100,250 searches for the term ‘vegan.’ Boasting an impressive 7,902 vegan restaurants, the Golden State, and in particular the city of Los Angeles, stands tall as a vegan paradise.

Washington claims fifth place, registering 406.53 searches per 100,000 population. The state of Washington showcased a higher number of online searches for vegan restaurants compared to Oregon and Hawaii, reaching an impressive count of 9,333.3. Notably, the city of Seattle alone boasts 324 vegan-friendly restaurants.

Reflecting on the study, a spokesperson from Easy Vegan Recipes shared their insights:

“There is a remarkable interest in veganism across the United States, especially in New York, Oregon, Hawaii, California, and Washington. With an increasing array of tantalizing vegan substitutes readily available, individuals can now tweak their favorite recipes and comfort foods without compromising too much on taste and texture. There has never been a better time to introduce more plant-based foods into your culinary adventures or to embark on delightful journeys exploring the multitude of vegan-friendly restaurants that grace our great nation.”

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