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California Ethnic Media Annual Awards and Exhibition Connects State Leaders and Journalists


In a groundbreaking initiative, Ethnic Media Services and CA Black Media are coming together to host the California Ethnic Media Symposium Expo and Awards on August 31st. This event brings a unique convergence of top leaders from various state agencies and ethnic media outlets to delve into California’s most pressing issues, fostering discussions, sharing insights, and enhancing communication channels to serve better the diverse communities that make up the state’s population.

The symposium is a trailblazing endeavor aimed at forging a stronger alliance between ethnic media and state decision-makers. With over 150 ethnic media outlets, journalists, and community-based organizations (CBOs) expected to participate, this event is poised to redefine how information is disseminated, understood, and acted upon within the increasingly diverse landscape of California.

The range of topics up for discussion is extensive, reflective of the multifaceted challenges that the state faces. From healthcare accessibility to transportation infrastructure, the impact of extreme weather patterns to the rising concerns of hate crimes, the symposium will dissect the critical subjects that resonate with communities across the state. Moreover, panel discussions will delve into how these priorities can be effectively communicated to engage and inform California’s diverse populace.

Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber, Ph.D., a prominent figure in Californian politics, is among the esteemed speakers confirmed for the event. With her extensive experience and expertise, Secretary Weber is anticipated to provide unique insights into the state’s governance and its ongoing efforts to address pressing concerns.

Joining her are Secretary Amy Tong, representing Government Operations, and Secretary Toks Omishakin, a key player in the Department of Transportation. Their participation reinforces the event’s intention to bridge the gap between state agencies and ethnic media outlets, creating a more comprehensive dialogue that leads to informed decision-making and equitable policies.

Maricela Rodriguez, Senior Advisor for Civic Engagement & Strategic Partnerships in the Office of the Governor, will also be taking the stage, further emphasizing the importance of direct communication between state authorities and media representatives. Her perspective on civic engagement and partnership is expected to be a highlight of the symposium.

Michelle Baass, Director of the Department of Health Care Services, brings her insights into the state’s healthcare landscape, addressing the intricate challenges that communities face in accessing quality healthcare. Similarly, Susan DeMarois, Director of the California Department of Aging, offers valuable perspectives on aging populations and the services they require.

Becky Monroe, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs at the California Civil Rights Department, will provide a crucial voice in civil rights and social justice discussions. Marcela Ruiz, Director of the Office of Equity at the California Department of Social Services, will contribute her expertise in addressing inequalities and fostering a more inclusive state.

A significant highlight of the symposium will be the luncheon address by US Census Director Robert N. Santos. His insights on the power of ethnic media and its role in shaping public discourse and awareness align perfectly with the event’s objectives.

The California Ethnic Media Symposium Expo and Awards promise to be an event that not only connects the state’s leaders with ethnic media outlets but also establishes a platform for open dialogue and impactful collaborations. By harnessing the collective power of diverse voices, this symposium aims to shape a more inclusive, informed, and connected California.

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