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California Department of Public Health Launches Take on Alzheimer’s Campaign


In a proactive move to address the impending rise in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia (ADRDs), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) unveiled its comprehensive Take on Alzheimer’s campaign today. The initiative aims to educate and create awareness among all Californians about healthy brain practices, distinguish between aging and dementia, and foster improved conversations with loved ones and healthcare providers.

CDPH Director and State Public Health Officer, Dr. Tomás J. Aragón, highlighted the significance of the campaign in light of the projected doubling of ADRD cases over the next two decades. Despite a decline in the percentage of older adults with dementia, Dr. Aragón emphasized the need for diverse communities to empower themselves, supporting brain health, understanding the signs of aging versus symptoms of dementia, and engaging in vital conversations with healthcare providers.

The campaign seeks to address the prevalent issues of unawareness, fear, and stigma that often hinder Californians from seeking help for Alzheimer’s. With a focus on education and fostering dialogue across all communities, Take On Alzheimer’s aims to bridge the knowledge gap, making individuals more aware of signs, and risk factors, and promoting brain health.

California, home to the largest population of adults aged 65 and older, faces a substantial risk of Alzheimer’s cases. The Take on Alzheimer’s campaign underscores the importance of awareness, education, and preparation, aligning with the state’s Master Plan for Aging. The increasing diversity of California’s older adult population further emphasizes the necessity for continued efforts in ADRD prevention.

The Take on Alzheimer’s campaign adopts a comprehensive strategy encompassing multilingual and multicultural advertising tailored to diverse communities. Establishing partnerships with community-based organizations and collaborating with trusted ethnic media journalists, the initiative ensures widespread reach and engagement. Education initiatives focus on imparting knowledge about brain health, recognizing signs of aging, and understanding symptoms of ADRDs. Encouraging open and honest conversations with both loved ones and healthcare providers, the campaign seeks to diminish the fear and stigma associated with Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, by directing the community to TakeonALZ.com, the campaign provides a centralized resource for additional information, empowering individuals to proactively reduce their risk and take control of their brain health.

Take on Alzheimer’s is part of California’s ongoing efforts to support those affected by ADRDs. Following Governor Newsom’s creation of the Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention, Preparedness, and the Path Forward in 2019, the state has allocated funding for initiatives like the California Healthy Brain Initiative, California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers, and various research grants. Maria Shriver, Former First Lady of California and advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness, led the task force in preparing a roadmap for the state to address Alzheimer’s disease prevention.

In the face of rising ADRD cases, the Take on Alzheimer’s campaign stands as a pivotal step towards education, awareness, and fostering crucial conversations across California’s diverse communities.

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