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California Celebrates Labor Day 2023: Honoring Workers and Advancing Economic Justice


SACRAMENTO, CA – Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a proclamation recognizing September 4, 2023, as Labor Day in the State of California. In his statement, Governor Newsom expressed gratitude for the dedicated men and women who tirelessly contribute to California’s progress.

Labor Day, celebrated on the first Monday of September each year, holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. Beyond marking the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of the school year, it commemorates the invaluable contributions of the labor force to the growth and prosperity of the nation. It’s a day to honor the sweat and toil of workers across industries and acknowledge them.

The proclamation highlights California’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding and supporting its diverse and dynamic workforce. Recent years have witnessed significant strides in protecting the rights of workers across various industries. These include safeguarding warehouse workers from hazardous production quotas, ending exploitative pay practices in the garment industry, facilitating union representation elections for farm workers, and ensuring equitable wages for workers with disabilities.

Governor Newsom’s administration has been actively working to enhance access to quality employment opportunities and combat income inequality. One notable initiative is a comprehensive plan to significantly expand apprenticeship programs in California. This effort aims to provide individuals from all backgrounds with opportunities to earn while acquiring essential skills and experience tailored for the jobs of the future.

In the pursuit of creating a job market that benefits all citizens, Governor Newsom’s administration recently launched the development of a new Master Plan on Career Education. This initiative is set to prioritize hands-on learning experiences for students and workers alike, reinforcing pathways to lucrative and rewarding careers, some of which do not necessitate a college degree.

Governor Newsom’s dedication to building an inclusive economy that prioritizes the welfare of workers is evident. This Labor Day, and on every other day, California remains committed to expanding access to quality employment, ensuring safe and healthy workplaces, and forging new routes to upward mobility. Together, these efforts endeavor to fulfill the promise of Labor Day for every hardworking Californian and their families.

Labor Day is not just a Californian celebration; it’s a nationwide acknowledgment of the diligence and dedication of the American workforce. It’s a day to recognize the value of labor unions, which have historically advocated for workers’ rights, safer working conditions, and equitable pay.

As we celebrate Labor Day 2023, let us remember that it represents more than a day off work; it signifies the enduring spirit and resilience of the American worker. It reminds us of the significance of economic justice, workers’ rights, and the pursuit of a better future for all.

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