Convinced that training is the best tool for human and labor development, Corporación Caliente inaugurated in 2018 the first corporate university in the entertainment industry under the name of Caliente University.

Since its inception, hundreds of collaborators of this company have benefited from the educational offer, since it offers them the possibility of strengthening and developing their skills with greater knowledge and skill, which results in their professional and economic growth.

They are four years of learning that, derived from the challenge imposed by the pandemic, has allowed the creation of new forms of teaching that gave rise to Caliente Universidad Online.

Under a new concept, the employees of Corporación Caliente have the possibility of continuing to study and learn via the internet whenever they so decide, either from home or during their off-hours.

 The objective of Caliente Universidad Online is to provide the employees of Corporación Caliente with the most efficient means for their growth, explained the president of the Board of Directors, Mr. Jorge Hank Rhon, specifying that in just four years more than 2,000 employees of this company “have been part of courses, workshops and training through this, which is the only corporate university in the entertainment industry in Mexico.”

He said that the purpose of Caliente Universidad is to offer the company’s collaborators tools that will allow them to grow and broaden their horizons “we are convinced that the improvement of the staff allows us to continue as the number one company dedicated to entertainment since 1916”, Hank Rhon said. 

Caliente Universidad Online has been available since January 29 and during February and March registration for courses, workshops, diploma courses, and other online activities will take place; classes will start in April.

Among the courses and subjects available to those interested, marketing, administration and organization, information analysis, strategies, leadership, and many more stand out, allowing Corporación Caliente employees to grow professionally.

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