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Calexico Rotary Recognizes Talent Show Committee and Volunteers


The Calexico Rotary Club hosted a special meeting a few days ago to recognize the volunteers, judges, and organizers who made the talent show a success. It was a meeting that was celebrated with family and friends the beginning of a new Calexico tradition that will continue for years to come.

Club President Harold Mendez gave a special recognition to Victor Legaspi who was the committee chair of this event. Victor’s inspiration motivated the club to support and organize a new club project.


The following are the people that made the talent show possible.

Rotary Club:

Hortencia Armendariz

Mario Conde

Luis Delgado

Orlando Espino

Victor Legaspi

Maria Lucas

Dr. Eric Rice

Elsa Soto


Rebecca Caabay-Lainez

Andreyna Carrion

Emily Hernandez

Josh Murcia


Camilo Garcia Jr.

Pre- Judges:

Ana Monginger

Ruben Moreno

Robert Peña


Guadalupe Espino

John Leo

Natalia Lozano

Hildy Carillo- Host

Lizeth Legaspi-volunteer

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