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Calexico Council-Members Face Recall Election Amidst Allegations of Mismanagement and Controversy


The political atmosphere in Calexico heats up as Council-members Raul Urena and Gilberto Manzanarez face a recall election set for April 16. The campaign against the council members stems from allegations of their policies and actions potentially leading to the city’s downfall if they remain in office.

The recall attempt against Council-members Urena and Manzanarez has galvanized a coalition of community members, local business owners, and political figures who are deeply concerned about the direction of Calexico under their leadership. This group argues that the council members’ policies are detrimental to the local economy and the overall quality of life in the city. They contend that the push to reduce funding for essential services like police and public safety is especially harmful, creating an environment that is less secure and less attractive for business investment.

The campaigners are united in their belief that if these policies continue, they could lead to long-term damage to the community’s social and economic fabric, prompting their active involvement in the recall effort to steer Calexico back towards more traditional and business-friendly governance.

The recall effort, if successful, would remove the council members from office, with the city council having the option to appoint replacements or hold a special election. The outcome of this election could significantly reshape the future of Calexico’s governance and policy direction.

The recall notices claim that both council members have exhibited poor leadership and neglect towards community safety. Specifically, Manzanarez has been criticized for his stance on reducing police funding and what opponents describe as a failure to address crime effectively. Meanwhile, Urena has been accused of indecent behavior and implementing policies that allegedly worsen the city’s safety situation.

In response, Manzanarez defends his record, citing achievements such as the allocation of funds for critical city infrastructure and public safety enhancements, including new appointments and improvements to the police and fire departments.

“It is no secret how dirty and detrimental Calexico politics has been over the last decade. It’s clear that this recall, led by candidates who lost their bids to the council, is a political attempt to overturn the overwhelming vote of the people in the 2022 election. The proponents of this recall lost their election because the people decided on a new direction for our city. And while I got served with this recall less than 5 months into my term, the new council has already achieved much-needed progress – we allocated funds for a city engineer/public works director for the first time in a decade. We also allocated funds for the Police Department facilities and approved a School Resource Officer as well as to rehabilitate Fire Station #2 on the west side of Calexico, something that critics were unable to achieve in their years in council,” Manzanarez said in his response to the recall.

Urena refutes the claims against him as politically motivated, highlighting his efforts in infrastructure development and support for local businesses amidst challenges.

“The recall claims public intoxication but is signed by Ex-Mayor ROSIE FERNANDEZ, who was involved in a reckless DUl. The people who support the recall have no credibility in the community. They are political families who have already hurt this City to the tune of millions, ensuring that most of the City’s workforce was fired in 2014,” Urena wrote.

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