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Businessmen in Baja California Request a Review on Education Law

By: Melissa Dorame, Reporter

Mexicali, B. C.- At a virtual press conference organized by the Chamber of Commerce COPARMEX, hand in hand with associations, as well as COPASE and educational institutes, the revision of the modifications to the Education Law of the State of Baja California was requested.

Everardo Basilio, president of the Education Commission of COPARMEX, expressed that it is necessary to initiate a process of review of said modifications since they had been approved without making them public, he said, it is important to create working groups to reach a consensus.

Among the modifications that are most worrying are: on the one hand, the restriction of educational material for students, in terms of the ownership of furniture and real estate that gives the possibility of becoming part of the state and not of individuals, too, the elimination of the ceiling of the percentage increase to tuition in private schools, likewise, discrimination regarding the withdrawal of scholarships for teachers in private educational centers, the high amounts in fines.

Alfredo Postlethwaite, President Counselor of COPASE, expressed that as part of a civil organization he makes the request to stop the opinion, and not to pass it in full, this in favor of quality education for all children and young people in the state.

Thus, from the associations of parents, they asked to have the freedom to choose the type and quality of education for their children, so a call was made to the state congress to be represented at the working tables and to discuss these Fundamental issues and important issues in the development of society, and which need to be discussed for as long as it is necessary to reach a consensus in favor of the students.

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