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Brawley DMV to Have a New Location


Good news for Brawley residents as it was announced that their DMV office would relocate to give better services to its residents. 

On Wednesday, December 2, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) and the City of Brawley announce plans to relocate the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Brawley Field Office. The change of facility is necessary to improve the quality of service for Imperial County residents by accommodating additional transaction terminals, increased parking access, and to ensure ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. 

The new location of the DMV will be located on 173 Main Street. Assemblyman Garcia said that the DMV will stay in Brawley in a better location. The new location is expected to open next summer. 

“As the northern part of the Imperial County is growing, it is important to maintain the essential services the residents of this area deserve,” Garcia said. 

The DMV will remain on Main Street which will continue to benefit the local economy as employees and clients will buy at the local grocery stores and have lunch at the local restaurants when they come to Brawley. 

Brawley Mayor Norma Jauregui thanked Garcia and his staff for his support in helping the city keep and expand the DMV office. She spoke about the importance of the DMV has and the service they provide by giving you important documents. 

“We noticed that the place was too small for the number of people they have and there were parking issues as people used other parking spaces to go to the DMV that made businesses around the area unhappy,” Mayor Jauregui said. 

Imperial County Supervisor Ray Castillo said that the new DMV will be beneficial to the employees and community.

“It will be a great improvement. Right now they have a modular building and more space is needed. This will benefit the residents and the employees that work there,” Castillo said. 

The city expresses numerous concerns with the current Brawley DMV location and they have worked together to secure the state approvals needed to relocate the local field office to a larger site. 

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