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Brawley Chamber of Commerce

By: Katie Beth Luna, Brawley Chamber of Commerce Director.

The Brawley Chamber of Commerce is a business association that was established in 1904 in Brawley, California. At the time of establishment, the Chamber of Commerce was a hub for business exchange and community interaction. Throughout the years our conceptual purpose has not changed, but the day to day functions have evolved as the business world has evolved.

Our mission is to promote business growth and economic vitality in our community through creating a strong local economy, promoting the community, providing networking opportunities and representing the interest of business with government and political action.  We have four core values that dictate all functions of the chamber including; Connection, Promotion, Education, and Advocation.

Intrinsic to the nature of an association, the Brawley Chamber of Commerce is comprised of businesses, entrepreneurs, and community members who support business functions.

Our Chamber is lead by our Board of Directors and is successful under the guidance of their organizational vision. The Chamber staff is a representation of our collective membership and advocates for the needs of each industry. In 2017 the Brawley Chamber of Commerce grew the most in 10 years, by adding 44 new members, an increase of 230% for new member attraction.

So why are businesses flocking to the chamber? In simple terms, it’s for opportunity. Each member that joins is attracted to the opportunity to increase their business exposure and ultimately their bottom line. Our support services are designed to provide real-time action and results. Our members can also enjoy the benefit of custom technology that will enhance their business through website presence, business listings, and media promotions.

Currently the Chamber is working on promoting regional tourism through its coordinated efforts with the United Desert Gateway. In the near future, the Chamber will begin working on business development in Brawley and the North Imperial County.

I invite you to visit our website www.brawleychamber.com or give us a call and find out more about the Brawley Chamber. Join today and start receiving impactful services immediately.

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