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Beyond Borders Gazette Celebrates New Year Along with Friends and Supporters


In an intimate celebration, Beyond Borders Gazette hosted its highly anticipated annual End of the Year – New Year toast on Jan. 3. The event provided an opportunity for staff, contributors, and partners to come together and commemorate the remarkable milestones achieved throughout the year 2023, while also setting their sights on the promising prospects of 2024.

The New Year’s Celebration gathering took place at Palominos Restaurant in Mexicali. The guests took the stage, expressing their appreciation for the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of the Beyond Borders Gazette team and for its triumph over the last 8 years. They commended the publication’s commitment to delivering unbiased, informative, and impactful journalism, even in the face of unprecedented challenges that entail consolidating the binational relationship in the Cali-Baja Mega Region. 

The Beyond Borders Gazette’s annual End of the Year- New Year toast served as a reminder of the publication’s mission to transcend boundaries through its journalism. Among the projects for next year, Beyond Borders Gazette will be launching a local newspaper in Imperial Valley called Imperial Valley Insight and hosts our three annual signature events: Mujer De Exito, Believe in Your Dreams, and Horizontes Sin Fronteras binationational business summit. In addition, new podcast episodes for our Border Perspectives bilingual podcast will be produced throughout the year. 

Beyond Borders Gazette has played a role in fostering unity within the binational community between Mexico and the United States. Through its informative and engaging content, the Gazette has provided a platform for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration between these two nations.

By highlighting the shared history, culture, and challenges faced by both Mexico and the United States, Beyond Borders Gazette has effectively bridged the gaps in understanding and has built a sense of commonality among its readers through its almost 8 years in circulation. It has catalyzed promoting cross-cultural exchange and appreciation, ultimately strengthening the bonds between these two nations and the Cali-Baja Mega Region. One of its accomplishments was to help establish a sister cities agreement between the cities of Calexico, California, and Ensenada, Baja California in 2023.

The musical portion was handled by Violinist Antonio Malave and Mariachi Tierra Caliente. 

In the year ahead, as we anticipate more surprises and challenges, we invite our readers to subscribe and stay tuned for our latest updates and insights at www.beyondbordersnews.com.

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