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Becoming a Foster Parent: A Rewarding Experience

By: Veronica Henderson, Attorney

In our border community, many children are in need of adults to take care of them. These children do not have parents to provide for their medical, educational, and other needs because the parents to which they were born have some form of parenting deficit, rendering them incapable of providing for their children. These children are often removed from their parents by the courts and placed in the foster care system. Social workers become involved, through the local Department of Social Services, a county agency in Imperial County, as well as across the border through D.I.F.

These agencies seek caring adults who are willing and able to take these children into their homes, either temporarily or even permanently. The role is rewarding and challenging, at the same time. To become a foster parent, an individual or a couple must go through the licensing process. In Imperial County, the Resource Family Approval process is how one becomes so licensed. The process is thorough, rigorous, and somewhat lengthy, involving home assessments and background checks, after an initial application is made.

Prospective foster parents must go through numerous trainings, such as on the use of appropriate corrective measures for children and how to keep children safe when selecting a baby-sitter. Experienced foster parents will tell us, however, that all that time and effort to become a foster parent is well worth it.

There are never enough people who are willing to serve as foster parents. Please consider serving in this important capacity. Please contact your local social services department for more information on becoming a foster parent.

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