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Beatriz Pagés Calls for Action to Safeguard Mexico from Authoritarianism


On May 28 at the Casino de Mexicali, Beatriz Pagés delivered her conference “The Power of Your Vote,” thanks to Coparmex Mexicali. During the breakfast, Pagés spoke about the upcoming elections on June 2, where for the first time a woman will be elected president of Mexico.

Pagés, a journalist and former Mexican deputy, has established herself as one of the most critical voices of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s government. Recently, Pagés has expressed her concern about the possibility of the Morena candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, becoming president, describing her as a danger to the country.

During her visit to Mexicali, Pagés discussed the challenges facing Mexico at this time and the importance of participating in the upcoming elections. According to her, action must be taken to prevent the country from ending up like Venezuela. She urged young people to become more politically active and involved in political decisions.

Pagés accuses Sheinbaum Pardo of being “a puppet” used by President López Obrador to maintain the continuity of his political project, known as the Fourth Transformation (4T).

“The message is clear: the President seeks to reelect himself through Sheinbaum; politically the most inept, without electoral structure or her light, dependent on the ideas and decisions of her political boss, and willing to be the architect of the second Maximato in history if she comes to power,” Pagés asserted in an article published in her magazine Siempre!.

Pagés argues that AMLO chose Sheinbaum as his successor because of her lack of political capacity, seeing in her an easily manageable person who would toughen his political project. According to Pagés, this choice reflects the president’s desire to maintain control of the country even after leaving office.

Pagés warns that if Sheinbaum wins the presidency in the 2024 elections, the political persecution that has characterized López Obrador’s administration will intensify, leading to a resurgence of presidential authoritarianism in Mexico.

Pagés Llergo Rebollar is a journalist and Mexican politician from the Institutional Revolutionary Party. From 2006 to 2009, she served as a Deputy in the LX Legislature of the Mexican Congress, representing the Federal District. She resigned from the party, saying it had been handed over to President López Obrador. She has been critical of the party and the president’s government, calling it “populist, destructive, and authoritarian.”

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