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Bartenders’ Challenge in Mexicali

By: Fidel Gastelum, Reportero

As part of the activities of the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Baja California, the first Bartenders’ Challenge was convened in Mexicali on Wednesday, June 26th, where three exponents presented their best drinks, in a competition where the best of the mixology of the city was shown.

The bartenders, Heriberto Cruz, Daniel Moreno, and Carlos Valencia were chosen to present their best mixes, with a series of ingredients used to provide an exotic presentation, with drinks that reflect the meaning of Mexicali.

The event was chaired by the Secture Delegate in Mexicali, Eng. Eloy Moreno, as well as Oscar Barrera and Orlando Cano, professional bartenders from Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta respectively, who served as judges.

The contest consisted of 5 rounds, where they had to prepare the same drink, with a time limit. Likewise, there was a special round where he had to prepare a drink of his own, as well as a drink that was inspired on Mexicali.

After 2 hours of competition and tastings, the judges gave their verdict. The winner was bartender Daniel Moreno, who was awarded a professional blender valued for 20,000 pesos, in addition to his respective recognition.

On the other hand, the other two bartenders received recognition from SECTURE, and a special prize was given to Carlos Valencia, for his drink in honor to Mexicali.

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