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Baja California State Assembly Greenlights Digital Driver’s Licenses


The Baja California State Assembly has approved a reform to the Law Regulating Vehicle Control Services in the state, paving the way for the issuance of digital driver’s licenses while retaining the option for traditional physical documents.

The reform, which received majority support in a general session of Congress, stems from an initiative presented by Rep. Amintha Guadalupe Briceño Cinco on September 20, 2021. Originally, the proposal sought changes to several articles of the vehicle control law, but after a legal analysis, it was determined that modifications to articles 2 and 4 were feasible.

 This marks an initial step toward the state’s implementation of digital licenses, aligning with the growing trend toward modern technology that offers flexibility, efficiency, innovation, cost-effectiveness, and a reduction in bureaucratic hurdles. It aims to streamline government practices that have traditionally involved multiple procedures and paperwork, which can burden both citizens and the government itself.

The advantages of digital licenses are manifold. For instance, citizens will receive alerts from the Ministry of Finance prior to the license’s expiration, allowing them to renew it in a timely manner through their mobile devices.

The approved measure defines the driver’s license as a document granting authorization from the State through the Secretariat to an individual to drive vehicles within the specified classification. The State Treasury Department will digitize the driver’s license for easy and immediate accessibility, though the digital version does not replace the physical document.

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