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Baja California State Assembly approves members to seek reelection without leaving office

By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter

Assemblymembers at the XXIV legislature of the state congress in Baja California, in an extraordinary session of five hours, ruled to allow representatives in public office to continue exercising their functions while they are running to seek reelection, exempting the license requirement, in order to carry out their respective campaign with full pay, while fulfilling their obligations as a public servant.

By doing so, Deputies and mayors will be able to continue in their position while they carry out campaign activities for their re-election. Representatives of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) expressed that there is no impediment for Assemblymembers and Senators to carry out their political campaign while they continue to hold office, in addition to avoiding delays in the legislative exercise in the event several of the representatives seek re-election at the same time.

In the session, which was only attended by 5 legislators, resulting in 4 votes in favor and one against it, it was argued that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation determined that it is the power of the State Congress to decide whether to continue in the position if they seek reelection.

It was on April 24, after several rumors that indicated this “master move” by the legislators was about to be completed, that a group of citizens together with leaders in the business sector (COPARMEX, CANIRAC, and CCE), met outside the State Congress to manifest against said law initiative, in addition to expressing their discontent for contemplating the creation of a new tax for businesses that offer home food delivery and carryout services.

Ernesto Elorduy, president of Coparmex Mexicali, pointed out that it is regrettable that in the face of the Covid-19 health contingency, the legislators are focused on other issues, for their own benefit. He described the increase in fuels that they plan to approve as a violation of the family economy. For his part, the President of Canirac, Miguel Ángel Torres, condemned the creation of more taxes on the restaurant industry, which has been one of the most affected by social isolation in the face of the pandemic.

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