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Baja California Starts Vaccination Process Against COVID-19 In Older Adults


The vaccination process against Covid-19 began this Monday with older adults who reside in rural areas now that 23,810 doses of vaccines arrived in Baja California.

In this sense, the Secretary of Health in the State, Alonso Pérez Rico, confirmed that the application will begin in 13 points of the Mexicali Valley, one in San Felipe and three towns of San Quintín, which are San Vicente, Colonet, and Camalú.

The state official received the support of the governor for the vaccines to be sent to Isla de Cedros by air and to attend to more than 170 people identified in the group of older adults in that town.

Dr. Pérez Rico specified that people ages 60, 70, and 80 will be vaccinated, taking care of those who are older and with more medical conditions, and then move to urban areas.

He mentioned the start of vaccination was scheduled for Wednesday, but with the installed capacity in the medical area and the formation of brigades by Bienestar, with the Mexican Army ready, it was decided to start this Monday with the support of Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez and attached to the National Vaccination Plan.

The Secretary of Health reported that there are already 60,331 older adults registered in the state census for vaccination, segmented by age and medical condition. 

“For my sisters and brothers in the medical sector, on Wednesday we start with the second dose of all the missing (booster), 9,750 vaccines will come to us from Pfizer and we will start at hospital sites,” he stressed.

Pérez Rico stressed that the fact of being vaccinated does not mean that the person cannot get sick, because the vaccine protects against severe infections of a disease, therefore, the population must continue to take care of itself and distance itself.

He confirmed that as of Monday, Baja California went “orange” at the health traffic light for the State Government and that to determine the change, the consensus was reached with the areas of Economy, Labor, and Health; in this sense, increases in capacity of 50, 60 and 70% are contemplated.

The Health Secretary shared that the churches made the decision to maintain their 25% capacity for “Ash Wednesday” asking the rest of the churches to be equally responsible.

He reported that this time Baja California reported on the Sisver platform 5 people who lost the battle and 25 new cases that tested positive for Covid; intubated they add up to 89.

Regarding the figures of people infected by COVID-19 in Baja California, the SISVER (national) platform reports at the midnight cutoff on February 14 that 78,332 cases have been studied, of which 42,344 were positive.

In Tijuana there are 15,242 patients;  16,184 in the city of Mexicali; Ensenada 6,367;  Rosarito 920; Tecate with 1,314;  in San Quintín/Vicente Guerrero 1,771 and San Felipe 546; there are 31 thousand 550 patients recovered COVID-19.

Regarding deaths from coronavirus, they report accumulated 7,084. Tijuana with 3,159, Mexicali 2,638; Ensenada 998;  Tecate 177;  Rosarito 24;  San Quintín/Vicente Guerrero with 81 and San Felipe 7 deaths.

Baja California decreased its active cases compared to the previous day, 681 in total, divided as follows: Mexicali: 217, Tijuana: 273, Ensenada: 118, San Quintín: 35, Playas de Rosarito: 22, Tecate: 9 and San Felipe: 7.

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