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Baja California Received More Than 21 Thousand Doses from Pfizer To Advance With The Vaccination Strategy


The Baja California Ministry of Health announced that 21,450 Pfizer vaccines arrived Wednesday, to advance the vaccination strategy in older adults that continue in rural areas and continue with suburban areas.

The Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, specified that of the doses that arrived, 14 thousand 625 will be destined for older adults, 3 thousand 900 for the first line health personnel as part of their first dose, as well as 2 thousand 925 for health worker’s booster or second dose.

He reported that about 17 thousand older adults have already been vaccinated in the territory of Baja California; in Mexicali Valley: 8,556, in San Felipe: 1,500, in San Quintín: 6,408, in the Deep South: 234 and in Isla de Cedros: 147.

Dr. Pérez Rico pointed out that this Wednesday they would be applying vaccines in the Mexicali Valley: Ciudad Morelos; San Quintín: Nueva Era, Lázaro Cárdenas and Vicente Guerrero, as well as in the Ensenada Valley in Ejido Eréndira.

He explained that with the reinforcement of vaccines to the State, they are going to the Mexicali Valley to begin with the Valley of the Trinidad, Heroes of Independence, Real del Castillo, San Antonio de las Minas, the Valley of Guadalupe, and the Mission; as well as Valle de las Palmas, Nueva Colonia Hindú, Luis Echeverría, and La Rumorosa, on the Tecate side.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Health announced that Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez authorized the opening, starting this Thursday, of pantheons, as well as circuses, fairs, and billiards, with capacity reduced to 30%, before the implementation of their health and safety protocol, so they can approach the offices of the health jurisdictions.

He specified that in the case of churches located in neighborhoods with a high rate of active cases, they must maintain a capacity of 25%, starting the following Wednesday, once the “geolocation map” of active cases is presented.

Regarding the update of the indicators, Secretary Pérez Rico reported that the Covid hospital occupancy in Baja California is 17.07%, with 791 beds available, 207 ventilators available, 119 hospitalized patients (confirmed by a laboratory), 70 intubated and the 0.72 effective reproduction rate.

The Secretary of Health reiterated the importance of the population continuing to collaborate in taking care of themselves and adopting their protection measures such as the use of mouth covers, frequent hand washing, and the use of mouth covers.

Regarding the numbers of people infected by COVID-19 in Baja California, the SISVER (national) platform reports at the midnight cutoff on February 23 that 80,921 cases have been studied, of which 43,086 tested positive.

In Tijuana there are 15,596 patients; 16,337 in the city of Mexicali; Ensenada 6,479;  Rosarito 948;  Tecate with 1,342;  in San Quintín / Vicente Guerrero 1,829 and San Felipe 555.

Regarding deaths from coronavirus, they report accumulated 7,224. Tijuana with 3,232, Mexicali 2,674; Ensenada 1,021;  Tecate 180;  Rosarito 24;  San Quintín/Vicente Guerrero with 85 and San Felipe 8 deaths.

Baja California increased its active cases compared to the previous day, 454 in total, divided as follows: Mexicali: 118, Tijuana: 170, Ensenada: 83, San Quintín: 43, Playas de Rosarito: 21, Tecate: 10, and San Felipe: 9.

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