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Baja California Governor Honors Decades of Dedication and Celebrates Freedom of Expression Day


In a momentous celebration of Freedom of Expression Day, Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda took the opportunity to recognize the tireless efforts of the media professionals who dedicate themselves to their craft daily, as well as honoring the remarkable careers of those who have been part of the journalistic community for decades.

The Baja California Government’s Department of Social Communication organized two remarkable events that brought together hundreds of communicators from across the State.

The first event took place in Playas de Rosarito, where communicators from the municipality, as well as Tijuana, San Quintín, Tecate, and Ensenada, gathered to commemorate this special day.

Expressing her deep respect and humility, Governor Marina del Pilar addressed the audience, stating, “Today, I stand before you with utmost humility and respect, recognizing each and every one of you as the pillars of Baja Californian journalism. Your voices, pens, and images inform our society and contribute to the construction of a better state every single day.” 

Later in the afternoon, another event unfolded in the state capital, Mexicali, bringing together communicators from Mexicali and San Felipe. At this gathering, distinguished journalists with careers spanning 25, 30, and even more than 50 years were honored and presented with awards.

Governor Marina del Pilar emphasized her admiration for all journalists, present at the event and those who couldn’t join, stating, “To all journalists, those present here today and those who couldn’t be with us, I express my utmost admiration and my unwavering commitment: freedom, in Baja California, is not only acknowledged but truly respected.”

This remarkable occasion not only serves as a testament to the relentless efforts of journalists but also highlights Governor Marina del Pilar’s unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of freedom of expression throughout the state.

Through this acknowledgment, Governor Marina del Pilar sends a powerful message to the media community, reinforcing their crucial role as the vanguards of truth, transparency, and democracy in Baja California.

With her leadership, Baja California will continue to foster an environment where the voices of the media thrive, and the pursuit of truth remains paramount.

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