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Baja California Government Prepares Vaccination Process Against COVID-19


The Baja California Ministry of Health announced the arrival of a representative at the Mexican government who arrived in the State to review the operation of the eventual vaccination process against Covid-19.

“We will have a meeting with Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez and then we will go with General Luna (Commander of the II Military Zone) to see which are the vaccination sites when they arrive, how many, and how people will be moved,” he said.

The Secretary of Health said it will be the health sector and then people over 60 years of age.

Regarding the version that the vaccine will be sold in Mexico, Dr. Pérez Rico denied this fact, reiterating that it will not cost people.

“At least in our territory the person who skips the list, who puts another person who is not included, for the Secretary of Health of the State of Governor Jaime Bonilla, that is his last day working with us,” he warned.

The secretary emphasized that a National Vaccination Plan is being followed, although the analysis and review will be attended by the State Health Council so that the police and firefighters in the entity are considered as priority groups for vaccination.

In another approach, Dr. Pérez Rico was asked about whether there is a possibility that Baja California will have in-person schooling; at this, he replied:

“No, as the situation is presenting itself in our State, we do not see it that way; this school year, at least these next six months, we do not see it as feasible, it is not recommended, remember that school activity moves 40% of our  population.”

In the daily report of the Covid Strategy, the Secretary of Health reported that Mexicali takes the lead in active Covid-19 cases concerning the cities of Baja California, it also appears in the “top 20” of active cases by a municipality in Mexico in 19th place and has the highest incidence of the state’s municipalities (per 100,000 inhabitants).

He mentioned that Baja California reports 55 cases of patients who died and 204 who were positive for the virus;  in intubated they add up to 206. The Covid hospital occupancy is 80.38%, with 178 beds available, 134 ventilators available, 576 hospitalized laboratory-confirmed patients, and 0.7 the effective reproduction rate.

Explaining the graph of suspected patients, he emphasized that December 7, 2020, remains the reference day, and it is believed to have reached the apex of the pandemic, although co-responsibility is essential and that the consequences of  December 24 and 31 (for Christmas and New Years).”

Regarding the numbers of people infected by COVID-19 in Baja California, the SISVER (national) platform reports at midnight cutoff on January 6 that 59 thousand 530 cases have been studied, of which 35 thousand 033 tested positive.

In Tijuana there are 11,978 patients;  14,349 in the city of Mexicali;  Ensenada 5,060;  Rosarito 704;  Tecate with 1,174;  in San Quintín/Vicente Guerrero 1,324 and San Felipe 444;  There are 27,901 recovered COVID-19 patients.

Regarding deaths from coronavirus, they report accumulated 5 thousand 717. Tijuana with 2,484, Mexicali 2,284; Ensenada 716;  Tecate 147;  Rosarito 20;  San Quintín/Vicente Guerrero with 61 and San Felipe 5 deaths.

Baja California registered an increase in active cases compared to the previous day, 870 in total, divided as follows: Mexicali: 338, Tijuana: 310, Ensenada: 127, San Quintín: 13, Playas de Rosarito: 31, Tecate:  26 and San Felipe: 25.

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