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Baja California and U.S. Authorities to Work on Safe Border Conditions


The coordination between authorities of Mexico and the United States to reinforce the security and efficiency of the border crossings was the objective of a meeting led by the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, and the consul general of the United States in Tijuana, Thomas E. Reott.

At the meeting, the Governor and members of the Baja California Government cabinet analyzed the implications of the termination of Title 42 in immigration matters and proposed a series of agreements to provide security to migrants found in border areas.

In it, the meeting addressed current issues about the immigration situation in Baja California, as well as the actions of the three levels of government to serve all people through different tools such as the United States government platform called CBP One, in which migrants can initiate procedures before the US immigration authorities.

Likewise, the streamlining of asylum processes for migrant families who face particular conditions of vulnerability was raised, as well as the unification of the ports of entry to request political asylum from the United States in the cities of Mexicali and Tijuana, in addition to the execution of joint strategies to provide security in the areas bordering the international border.

Present at the meeting were the Secretary General of the Government, Catalino Zavala Márquez;  the Secretary of Economy and Innovation, Kurt Ignacio Honold Morales; the Secretary of Citizen Security of Baja California, General Leopoldo Tizoc Aguilar Durán; the commander of the Second Military Region, General Víctor Hugo Aguirre Serna; the state coordinator of the National Guard, Jorge Enrique Martínez Medina;  the head of the Representation Office of the National Migration Institute (INM), Manuel Marín Salazar;  and the Undersecretary of Immigration Affairs of Baja California, Adriana Minerva Espinoza Nolasco.

On behalf of the US authorities, Manuel Padilla, from the Customs and Border Protection Office; the head of the Border Patrol, Gregory Bovino; the head of Foreign Operations of the Office of Customs and Border Protection, José Gardea; the Director of Field Operations, Sidney Aki; the CBP attaché for the region, Daniel Sánchez; as well as the CBP representative for the States of California and Arizona, Moisés Castillo;  and the attaché of the Office of Investigations for National Security, José González.

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