Mexicali, Baja California.- Soles de Mexicali board headed by José Carlos Cota Arce, general manager Mario Flores Montaño, Mario Garcia Franco, president of San Francisco Paper Factory, Cesar Osuna representing the Director of the State Sports Institute, (INDE) Saúl Castro Verdugo, cut the ribbon of the new PSF Auditorium.

The alliance between Soles and PSF comes to reinforce the team’s project, established Mario Flores, “this is a championship alliance, we are very happy because for 13 years the organization has received the support of the business community, and thanks to this support we have successfully filled the Cachanilla community with success stories.

Mario Garcia Franco, President of the San Francisco Paper Factory, stressed that ” the support that has been received from the State Government is very important, we all want Soles to be the icon of the city, that’s why the board was given the task of restructuring Soles into a new company, with a new administration; we want Soles to be a team of the city and that in the medium-long term we can have our own Auditorium¨.

García Franco emphasized that every Mexicalian should know that Soles is their team, and they are part of it, “we want Mexicali to feel proud of their Suns, and that companies which were born are the pillars to be able to take this to another level, this is the beginning of a good task, “he concluded.

Later, the ribbon cutting was carried out by Carlos Cota Arce, Mario García Franco and Cesar Osuna, to declare the Auditorium’s new name inauguration, THE PSF AUDITORIUM.

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