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Art Basel Unveils Exciting Highlights for Hong Kong Show


Art Basel Hong Kong’s highly anticipated 2024 edition returns to its pre-pandemic scale, featuring 243 leading galleries from 40 countries and territories. With 66 additional exhibitors compared to the previous year, the show showcases an extraordinary diversity of artistic voices across its five show sectors, including Conversations, Film programs, and collaborations with the city’s cultural institutions.

Curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor, Encounters presents 16 large-scale projects under the theme ‘I am a part of all that I have met.’ Notable highlights include Haegue Yang’s anthropomorphic ratan sculptures, Mak2’s playful installation exploring duplication, Naminapu Maymuru-White’s homage to Yolŋu traditions, Jitish Kallat’s intricate drawings, and Ming Wong’s sculptural installation examining the diplomatic use of table tennis by the US and China. An off-site project by Daniel Boyd, exploring identity and memory, is presented by Kukje Gallery and Station, supported by Swire Properties.

The Kabinett sector, featuring solo projects, welcomes a record-breaking 33 galleries. Highlights include Bi Rongrong’s exploration of patterns, Park Seo-Bo’s paintings showcasing physicality and rhythm, Cary Kwok’s cinematic exploration of Queer interaction, Pinaree Sanpitak’s exploration of organic structures, and works by Russian avant-garde artists, including Kasimir Malevich, presented by Annely Juda Fine Art.

Curated by Li Zhenhua, the Film program collaborates with Nowness Asia and Videotage, offering ten screenings from March 27-30 at HKCEC. Notable works include Qiu Jiongjiong’s ‘A New Old Play,’ Anne Imhof’s ‘Sex,’ Wong Ping’s ‘Sorry for the Late Reply,’ Kimsooja’s ‘Thread Routes – Chapter IV,’ and Anna Uddenberg’s ‘Useless Sacrifice,’ freely accessible to the public.

Curated by Stephanie Bailey, Conversations from March 27-30 features dynamic dialogues between key figures in arts and culture. Highlights include an audience with Haegue Yang, a discussion between Japanese artists Shinro Ohtake and Takashi Murakami, a panel on collecting contemporary Chinese art, a roundtable on decolonizing cultural institutions, and a live-taped edition of Crit Club debating the importance of artists versus artworks.

Beyond HKCEC, the M+ Facade Commission, co-commissioned by Art Basel and Mt and presented by UBS, features a site-specific ‘architectural film’ by Yang Fudong. Capturing scenes from Hong Kong, the black-and-white film draws inspiration from classic cinema, offering a silent but resonant experience embracing unique ambient soundscapes. Yang Fudong’s video work will be screened at M+ Cinema, accompanied by an in-person interview.

Art Basel continues its commitment to cultural partnerships, providing specially designed booths for Hong Kong’s non-profit institutions. The Exchange Circle, featuring short and experimental presentations, remains a vital part of the public program. During the 2024 Hong Kong edition, visitors can explore diverse programming and exhibitions presented by leading museums and cultural institutions, promising a multifaceted and stimulating experience.

Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 emerges as a vibrant convergence of global artistic expression, fostering dialogue, discovery, and transcultural exchange. For a full list of participating artists and galleries, visit artbasel.com.

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