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Annaka Penner-Smith’s Literary Passion Opens the Doors to a World of Opportunities


Annaka Penner-Smith, a 22-year-old writer, possesses an unwavering dedication to her craft, seamlessly transitioning from one literary project to the next upon completion. However, this fervor stems from her profound passion for an art form that allows her to express herself authentically. Annaka’s unwavering belief in her own dreams serves as an inspiration for others to unleash their creative voices through published works.

As an accomplished artist, poet, podcaster, and self-published author, Annaka employs her creative prowess as a gateway to construct imaginative realms through the written word. Her childhood experiences undoubtedly shaped her, yet it was her incessant inclination to romanticize every facet of life that truly molded her perspective.

Her literary repertoire encompasses titles such as “For You (For Those Whom It Concerns),” “For Me (For Those Whom It Concerns),” and her latest work, “For No One At All.” These collections of poems and short stories can be found on the Amazon platform, showcasing Annaka’s ability to captivate readers.

“I was a child who perpetually daydreamed, wrote incessantly, enacted self-scripted plays in front of a mirror, felt a perpetual sense of solitude, and shed countless tears. Art has consistently served as my medium for processing emotions and as the lens through which I perceive the world,” reflects Penner-Smith. “It manifests in various forms, providing me with a creative outlet to communicate my thoughts and sentiments with the external world.”

Her debut book delves into the realm of poetry, chronicling her personal journey of growth. Raised in the culturally diverse setting of the Latinx-majority Imperial Valley, Annaka immersed herself in the distinct tapestry of the region, bestowing upon her a unique worldview.

“The Imperial Valley epitomizes the harmonious coexistence of diverse individuals. The collective amalgamation of these experiences contributed to shaping my identity and aspirations. I must emphasize the extraordinary sense of community fostered by the Imperial Valley,” Annaka passionately expressed.

While she has already published four books, Annaka’s literary odyssey has only just commenced. Her artistic endeavors extend to the realm of drawing, seamlessly intertwining visual and written expression.

“I recognize that publishing nearly five books may appear prodigious, but in my mind, the possibilities are boundless. Among them are short stories and children’s books, allowing me to merge my affection for childhood education with the written word,” she elaborates.

Most recently, Annaka donated copies of her paperback books to the Imperial Valley College Library. In addition to her benevolent contributions, she organized an event at the library, engaging with students and encouraging them to publish their own literary works. She provided them with invaluable insights and resources, guiding them through the intricate process of self-publishing.

Annaka Penner-Smith’s journey as a writer has unveiled a profound passion for the written word, inspiring aspiring authors and artists to embrace their creativity and transform it into published masterpieces. Her literary voyage continues to unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the world of literature and beyond.

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