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Analysis roundtable called “Challenges for Education of Baja California” took place


By: Claudette Sánchez

Mexicali, Baja California. August 14th, 2016.-
The analysis table called ‘Challenges for Education of Baja California’ was carried out at CETYS University, Mexicali Campus, and organized by Senator Victor Hermosillo Celada.

The main objective was to analyze the quality of education in the State, considering the main challenges in education such as: quality, coverage, relevance and equity, pointed out by the senator and president of the Education Commission of the Senate, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, that there is still much work to be done in these areas.

Among the figures given in the forum, he mentioned that there is 58.6% of children attending preschool, 88% in primary and in secondary there is a coverage of more than 100% due to the phenomenon of migration in the entity.

As for intermediate education (high school population), it was mentioned that in Baja California 55% is covered and higher education is at 31%, in addition to well quality schools recognized in terms of educational quality, although there are still many areas of opportunity to include.

“We are talking about a very large territory that borders the world’s largest economy, and obviously has a large territory with a dispersed community to organize this better,” said Juan Carlos Romero.

Among the attendees there were Alfredo Postlethwaite Duhagon, who is president of COPASE and the Secretary of State, Mario Zarate.

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