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AMPIA’s Inaugural Water Route Tour Unveils the Secrets of the Hydraulic Network


The recently concluded 1st Water Route tour, organized by the Association of Proactive Women of the Agricultural Industry (AMPIA), proved to be an extraordinary success. Led by Natividad Jaime and supported by hydro-agricultural experts Miguel Soto and Leonel García, this captivating initiative shed light on the hydraulic network’s operations and infrastructure. The collaboration of Carlos Zambrano from SADER and Mario Correa from SADERBC further enhanced the tour by providing valuable insights into the functioning of the stations and gates.

The tour culminated at Rancho Santacruz, aptly known as “LA CASA DE DATE KINGS,” where participants not only savored a delectable ranch-style meal but also engaged in a meaningful discussion. Juan Manuel Martínez, Director of SADER, took the opportunity to extend his heartfelt congratulations to the women of the primary sector for their remarkable initiative in seeking a deeper understanding of their industry. He also pledged his support for their future endeavors. Edgar Carrera, representing the organization Saves the Colorado River, provided valuable insights into ongoing efforts to restore protected areas in the Colorado River delta. Natividad Jaime from DATE KINGS briefly delved into the river’s origin, the challenges faced by producers, and potential solutions. Carmen Santacruz concluded the event by expressing gratitude and highlighting the importance of conserving our most precious resource: water.

AMPIA remains committed to fostering the growth, development, and education of women tirelessly working in the agricultural sector. Through initiatives like the Water Route tour, AMPIA aims to empower and inspire women, ensuring their indispensable role in shaping the future of agriculture.

Stay tuned as AMPIA continues its mission to promote growth, development, and training in the agricultural sector, championing the extraordinary contributions of women across the industry.

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