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AMLO visits Mexicali

By: Juan Carlos Lopez, political analyst

A number of Morena party protesters and supporters in Baja Californian stationed at the Plaza of the three branches received President-elect 20018-2024 Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador who arrived with his delegation around 6 pm on September 21.

Turned into a rally, only shouts of protests and demands were heard, among them were those from “Mexicali Resiste”, Bureaucrats headed by Lázaro Mosqueda, among others, to which he said it was natural that there are many demands since during the last 30 years they had not been taken care of.

Obrador came to this city to reiterate his commitments made during his campaign, such as reducing TAXES from 18% to 8%, homologate the prices of gas, electricity, and gasoline with those of the neighboring country, as well as the Tax on Income from 40% to 20% in the border region.

With a very emotional announcement he said he would not disappoint the people of Baja California, under the three main criteria which are: not lying, stealing or betraying the people, likewise he said he was grateful to the population that went to the polls for a real change and be part of the fourth transformation of Mexico.

The president-elect informed that there will be scholarships support for work and school for the entire student population of high schools and public universities that have limited resources, disabled people and a 100% increase to pensioned people and there will also be a creation of a Public University in the most marginalized areas, under the motto “the poor first”.

He also promised to visit the region of Baja California every 6 months to publicize the progress of the programs developed for this region.

Finally, he promised not to allow corruption, and guarantee clean elections in the entire republic, and a respect for trade union autonomy.

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