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AMLO Congratulates Joe Biden On His Victory


More than a month after Joe Biden won the presidential election, President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador congratulated the President-Elect after winning the Electoral College.

Mexico was one of the few countries in the world that didn’t congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris right after election day.

“As you may recall, we met 9 years ago and since then I have expressed to you, personally and in a letter, the ideal of transforming Mexico and the purpose of banishing political corruption, the main cause of the painful inequality and violence that we suffer,” Lopez Obrador said in the letter.

“Our countries are linked by the neighborhood and to our peoples the history, economy, and culture unite; therefore, we must strive to maintain good bilateral relations based on collaboration, friendship, and respect for our sovereignty.”

Obrador said he is certain that with Biden in the Presidency of the United States it will be possible to continue applying the basic principles of foreign policy established in their Constitution; especially, that of non-intervention and self-determination of the peoples.

Obrador also expressed his appreciation for his position in favor of the migrants from Mexico and the world, which will allow him to continue with the plan to promote the development and well-being of the communities in the southeast of Mexico and the countries of Central America.

“I believe that in this way no one will be forced to leave their place of origin and will be able to live, work and be happy with their family among their people and with their culture, and thus we will be able to build the definitive solution to migratory flows from and through Mexico towards the United States,” Obrador said.

“I hope that soon, Mr. Biden, there will be an opportunity to speak on this and other matters; meanwhile, I reiterate our congratulations and wish him the best of luck for the good of his people and of our nations.”

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