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Alberto Sánchez Torres is re-elected as president of CANACINTRA Mexicali


Alberto Sánchez Torres was elected for the third consecutive year as president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA) in Mexicali, at the 78 Ordinary Annual Assembly that was held on Wednesday, February 15 at 5:00 p.m. afternoon at the facilities of the industrial body.

The CANACINTRA partners unanimously supported Sánchez Torres, who will lead the work of the institution for the period 2023-2024. 

The event was chaired by Alberto Sánchez Torres, president-elect of CANACINTRA Mexicali, and Humberto Jaramillo, former national president of CANACINTRA.

In his speech, Sánchez Torres reiterated the need to continue pushing efforts at the highest level, coordinated with the national leadership, so that the federal and state governments understand that with bills that do not support the development of clean energy, innovation and technology, our country and our state, will be destined to fall behind worldwide.

During his speech as president-elect, he said: “2022 was a year of adjustments and economic reactivation, but 2023 is seen as a year of many opportunities, so we need to be prepared, updated, trained informants, but, above all, we must be united as businessmen, as industrialists. We are going to continue promoting economic and industrial activity since that is where the foundation and success lie to strengthen the economic development that leads us to improve our quality of life”.

In addition to the above, the leader of the industrialists took the opportunity to thank the associates for the trust they have given to continue, following the statutes, for the last period in the Presidency of CANACINTRA Mexicali, as well as expressing his commitment and enthusiasm at the head of the Organization, in addition to presenting the members of the new Board of Directors of Canacintra Mexicali.

We will continue working, he said, in favor of competitiveness in all the strategic axes that make up the plan and the work commissions that we established with you, which we hope to consolidate by 2023.

“The industrialists of Mexicali are going to continue working hard, betting on building and not destroying. We want a better country and Mexicali, modern, avant-garde, safe, united as a society and with quality of life”, he concluded.

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