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Agreement Signed Between Parties to Restore the New River

The Imperial Irrigation District, County of Imperial and City of Calexico signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly work in the New River Improvement Project.

Under the agreement, the city, county and IID will contribute to the operation and maintenance costs for the New River Improvement Project once it is complete. The infrastructure project is designed to address the river’s long-standing pollution and related public health problems while enhancing the quality of life for local residents.

The water infrastructure project would address these problems by installing a trash screen just downstream from the Mexico border; piping polluted water away from Calexico to wetlands and aeration structures for remediation; and replacing polluted water in the river channel with treated wastewater from the city’s treatment plant.

The New River Improvement Project also envisions a pedestrian and bicycle parkway that would run along the river in the Calexico area. Design of the River Parkway has been recently completed using federal and state funding, with construction to begin soon.

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