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A Tasting of Colombian Delicacies Puts the Finish Touch to a Brilliant Third Edition of Binomico


With the curtain falling on Binómico 2023, the third edition has left in the memory of those attending this last day a special flavor thanks to the great popular Colombian tasting. The historic Casa Colón has bid farewell to citizens and visitors with a party of authentic Colombian flavors, in a free event open to all.

Refreshing tropical fruit juices, which offer a wide range of flavors, have given way to fresh and colorful fruit salads. However, the real stars have been the main dishes. The suckling pig, with its crispy skin and tender meat, quickly became the center of attention. Accompanying this delicacy, the fritanga offered a variety of fried meats and tubers that are essential in Colombian festivities. And, as it could not be otherwise, the sweet touch came with the traditional wafers, thin sheets filled with dulce de leche, and other typical Colombian sweets that transported those present to the streets of Bogotá and Medellín.

The tasting has not only served as a perfect closing for Binómico 2023 but also as a sample of the rich Colombian culinary tradition, consolidating once again the event’s mission of uniting cultures through gastronomy, this year, with Colombia as a country guest of this third edition that ends today.

Moments before, the representatives of the promoting and collaborating administrations and the organization of the congress itself have proceeded to its closing, dedicating to the event words of recognition such as those professed by the mayor of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, who has highlighted the fulfillment of the objectives of Binomial “through learning with children, young people and Huelva residents in general”, which has allowed “the history of Huelva to be known through gastronomy”. “The fusion of the gastronomic culture of Colombia and that of Huelva has left its mark through this congress and once again it has been possible to put Huelva in the place it deserves,” recognized the first mayor in the history of Huelva.

The vice president of the Provincial Council, Rocío Moreno, has highlighted the consolidation of the Ibero-American Gastronomic Congress, “to continue uniting the flavors of Ibero-America with our land” and has valued “the opportunity to learn from experts and beyond culinary skills, to relate to the different cultures that connect us once again.”

For Teresa Herrera, delegate of Tourism, Culture, and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía in Huelva, the balance of Binómico, which “has been an occasion to bring to the table ties of friendship with Colombia and with all the countries present in this edition”, is “very positive since Huelva has once again been in the showcase of the 22 countries of Latin America.”

Finally, the delegate of the Government of Colombia, Ruth Flores, thanked Binómico for “the opportunity to connect through gastronomy.” “We know that from now on a bond has been created forever and it has been an honor for our country to be able to show our history through food, chefs, and professionals who have passed through this gastronomic scene.”

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