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A New Day in Calexico Politics: Lisa Tylenda and Victor Legaspi Appointed to City Council


In a special meeting held on May 28, 2024, the Calexico City Council appointed Lisa Tylenda and Victor Legaspi to serve six-month terms, filling the vacancies left after the recall of former council members Raul Ureña and Gilberto Manzanarez.

The special meeting did not proceed smoothly. Councilman Javier Moreno voiced strong opposition to the appointment process, advocating for thorough background checks on all applicants before making any selections. Moreno’s insistence on a background check through a Department of Justice clashed with Mayor Camilo Garcia’s urgency to fill the council seats as soon as possible. Mayor Garcia argued that immediate appointments were necessary to restore full functionality to the council and avoid further delays in governance.

“We asked the candidates to self disclose in their application, I trust they did because if we are going to work together we need to trust each other,” Mayor Garcia said.

Moreno made a motion to require a background check but failed for a lack of second. Ultimately, Mayor Garcia’s proposal for a self-disclosure process was adopted, allowing the new council members to begin their terms without further delay.

The City Clerk’s office received ten applications by the May 23, 2024, deadline, including submissions from Jesus Solorzano, German J. Jimenez Jr., Victor Legaspi, Lisa Tylenda, Mario Sotomayor, Guadalupe Patricia Lizarraga, Blanca Morales-Liess, Adriana Marquez, Patricia G. Ureña, and Victor Daniel Amparano.

The applicants participated in several rounds of questions regarding city priorities and budget priorities. After careful consideration, the council selected Lisa Tylenda and Victor Legaspi by a vote of 2-1 with Moreno voting against it. 

Victor Legaspi, a retired Calexico Chief of Police, emphasized his extensive supervisory experience, collaboration with city employees, and commitment to addressing community challenges through teamwork and effective communication. “I am meeting with stakeholders, including business personnel, to understand their needs for downtown development and attract new businesses,” Legaspi stated. His focus on managing resources efficiently and retaining a satisfied workforce was a key factor in his selection.

Raised in Calexico, his roots traced back to a family devoted to public service. Embarking on his law enforcement journey with the Calexico Police Department on October 18, 1989, he received his inaugural badge from his father, Victor Legaspi Sr who was also a former Mayor of Calexico. From that moment, a community service-oriented career began. 

Lisa Tylenda highlighted her interest in urban development and community engagement. She proposed initiatives such as an “Adopt a Block” program to encourage community upkeep and an abatement program for abandoned buildings. Tylenda acknowledged the challenges of balancing diverse community interests and managing budgets but expressed confidence in her ability to foster sustainable growth and improve public spaces.

Lisa Tylenda’s employment experience includes her most recent position as a Strategic Business Specialist at Imperial Irrigation District. Prior to that, she served as the Planning and Building Director for the City of Calexico. Before her tenure in Calexico, she worked as a Planner for the City of Imperial from January 2012 to July 2021. She is no stranger to Calexico politics as she is the niece of former Calexico Mayor, Alex Perrone. 

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