Daily Archives: September 22, 2023

How Climate Change Changes Us

By: Selen Ozturk As climate change alters temperatures and weather patterns worldwide, it also alters our lives socially, politically and spiritually, climate experts shared at a Friday, September 15 EMS briefing. The social cost of climate change Hannah Hess, Associate Director of the Denver, Colorado-based Climate Impact Lab, noted that …

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Imperial County District Attorney Launches Prosecutor/Police Immersion Program

-Editorial The District Attorney is delighted to announce the commencement of the Prosecutor/Police Immersion Program (PPI). On August 1st, District Attorney George Marquez initiated a pilot program in collaboration with Brawley Police Chief Jimmy Duran, assigning a prosecutor to the Brawley Police Station. The Prosecutor/Police Immersion Program (PPI) primarily aims …

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