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Remember The Homeless This Holiday Season

-Editorial Imagine sleeping in the street during the winter with a temperature of 57 degrees. Every day, you have to find a decent place to stay or sleep without a blanket wondering where you will eat the following day. This is what homeless people struggle with every day. They have …

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Homicide Trends Haven’t Changed in Tijuana

-Editorial The trend of homicide victims does not change in the municipality of Tijuana, as it is considered a “red” based on figures shared daily by the Baja California Public Safety Board. “The big issue and concern is in Tijuana, 5 of the 6 homicides reported this time (in the …

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Christmas Sales Saw an Increase in 2020

-Editorial A huge surge in online shopping during the pandemic has been a savior for retailers, but it comes at a price. Shoppers are expected to return twice as many items as they did during last year’s holiday period, costing companies roughly $1.1 billion, according to Narvar Inc., a software …

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