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2019-2020 Graduation Rate Report Released


The California Department of Education (CDE) has announced the public release of the 2019-2020 College/Career Measures Report and Graduation Rate Additional Report.

State law requires that the CDE publish valid and reliable data that would have been included in the 2020 Dashboard.

Although the College/Career Indicator (CCI) will not be reported on the 2020 Dashboard, the College/Career Measures Report identifies the number of graduates who were assigned to the Prepared and Approaching Prepared CCI levels and the college or career measure that they met.

The College/Career Indicator shows how well local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools are preparing students for likely success after graduation. Only graduates can be classified as Prepared or Approaching Prepared. For schools and LEAs to demonstrate success on this state measure, high school graduates must meet at least one of the criteria in the Prepared level.

For the graduating class of 2020, 40.9% of Imperial County students were deemed “prepared” on the College and Career Indicator.  Statewide, 45.8% of students were considered “prepared”. Additionally, 20% of Imperial County graduates were considered “approaching prepared” in comparison to 16.7% of graduating students in California.

Over the last three years, the percentage of Imperial County graduating seniors who were considered prepared has grown 3.4% (growth in California overall is 3.5%). Students can earn this prepared designation in a variety of ways. A graduating student can meet this prepared designation multiple times.

In 2020, other pathways to preparedness have added that include:

  • Pre-Apprenticeships (Registered and Non-Registered)
  • State or Federal Job Programs (available to DASS schools only)
  • Transition Classroom or Work-Based Learning Experiences (available only to students with IEPs who do not earn a standard high school diploma)

“Local school districts are working hard to prepare our students for a variety of college and career opportunities,” stated Dr. Todd Finnell, Imperial County Superintendent of Schools. “Our County has continued to see growth year after year.  There is, however, further work to be done to ensure that all students are fully prepared for the world beyond high school.”

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