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Modern Slavery

By: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, lawyer and professor. Around the world almost every man has the right to freedom and has the opportunity to decide their own destiny. In Mexico, the Constitution guarantees the right to freedom and prohibits slavery. The United States also prohibits slavery according to the XIII …

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Resident of San Diego, Jon Carder is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded five internet businesses, his first at the age of 19. In college Jon founded eHeaven.com, an online e-commerce superstore that was purchased by BabyUniverse in 2002. Jon Carder then founded Client Shop inc. a website dedicated to …

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The Economics of Immigration

AILA.- Discussions on immigration in the United States often consist of heated outbursts based on a multitude of passionate and unreasonable positions. Whenever the topic of immigration comes up, it seems like the most extreme rhetoric, on both sides of the issue, ends up garnering the most attention.  But on July …

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Can Terrorism and Violence Shake the Market?

TIME/MONEY.- Investments aren’t the main concern. But it’s natural to wonder if terrorism could undercut the fragile global economy or the markets. The past two months have been fraught with shocking acts of violence: from Thursday’s truck attack in Nice on Bastille Day that killed at least 84 people; to the ISIS …

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Trademark: Rights

By: Jaime Israel Dávila Gómez, Attorney The use of trademarks in commercials or industrial activities is not restricted to whether they are registered or not, or to some other process, so its record is optional for those who use it. However, the registration of a trademark gives its owner, among …

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LIVER TRANSPLANT AN OPTION OF LIFE By. Dr. Cesar Gonzalez, Transplantologist Liver Transplantation is considered today a treatment of choice for patients with acute or serious chronic liver disease where other medical treatment alternatives have been exhausted. The Liver transplant surgery is defined as the replacement of diseased liver without …

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By: Elias Flores Gallegos, Attorney In the State of Baja California there is no legal concept of private condominium. The argument has always been that all people can move freely through the streets of our cities, as a right of free transit laid down in our Constitution, with the only …

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