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How to Prevent Complications in Plastic Surgery:

By: Dr. Javier Roman C., Plastic Surgeon   Plastic Surgery should be planned with the same care and attention as heart surgery or brain surgery, most patients have a satisfactory result, but “not everything is hunky-dory.” A small number of patients who undergo plastic surgery have complications, most of these …

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Yoga: Physical and Emotional Benefits

By. Leticia Mancera The hidden question is: What is Yoga?  Let´s take it from there. Yoga above all is a science, art and life philosophy that intends to unite the three levels of existence of the human being: body, mind and spirit.  The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Aphorisms of …

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The MexiCali Biennial: A Binational Art Project

Pictures by Odette Barajas Article by: Luis G. Hernandez The MexiCali Biennial began as an art project between artists, curators Ed Gomez and Luis G. Hernandez. The first MexiCali Biennial took place in Mexicali in 2006 with the idea of producing an exhibition featuring artists from California and Mexico. The …

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“Amante Tap Room”, the First Place in Mexicali Using the Recently City Council’s Approved Permit, Which Allows the Sale of Craft Beer at the Same Place Where is Made

By: Rubén Gómez. Amante, Urbana, Península, Muxxa, are just some of the craft beer options that you can try at Amante Tap Room Mexicali, with Hector Corella in charge, spot where you can experience tasting Craft Beer and also getting to know the place where Amante beer is brewed, but …

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Freedom of Expression. Is It an Absolute Right?

By: Attorney Elias Flores Gallegos Freedom of Expression is a human right, a fundamental right and a constitutional right. It is foreseen in the Universal Human Rights Declaration, in international treaties such as the pact of San Jose Costa Rica, and in the Political Constitution of the Mexican States, among …

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