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Relevant news concerning the region belonging to California and Baja California’s border.
Noticias relevantes relacionadas a la región perteneciente a la frontera de California y Baja California.

November, 2019

  • 14 November

    What is a Project Manager and their tasks?

    When we talk about a Project Manager, it seems enough to summarize the extent of their role in companies with only one word: direction of projects.  However, we usually don’t delve into the matter. What do we exactly understand by <direction>? Are there specific functions? 1) Definition and Project presentation. …

  • 14 November

    The benefits of public power

    As more than 2,000 electric utilities across the United States, the Imperial Irrigation District is a community-owned, not-for-profit public power utility and takes pride in its autonomy and mission to provide reliable and low-cost electricity to all customers. “We are proud to be community-powered,” said Henry Martinez, IID general manager. …

  • 14 November

    Governor Ducey and Sen. McSally Talk Safety After Mexico Events

    The murders and the recent discovery of dozens of bodies in Mexico have some Arizonans worried to travel across the border. Now Governor Doug Ducey and Senator Martha McSally are weighing in on the events. Whether it’s traveling to Rocky Point or through the state of Sonora, the dangers of …

  • 11 November

    It’s been 30 years since the Berlin Wall fall

    By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter On Saturday, November 9, the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall Fall was commemorated, one of the most emblematic events in the history of mankind, which marked the life of three generations during the twentieth century, when the wall was installed in 1963, as an instrument …

  • 11 November

    Calexico Wellness Center Hosts Cancer Awareness Fashion Show

    -Editorial The fight against cancer is never easy but when it’s defeated, survivors hold their heads up high ready to tackle the next chapter in life. One of those survivors was Libia Felix who at the age of 14 was diagnosed with cancer that disrupted part of her adolescence but …

  • 8 November

    Mexico’s Tax Reform 2020: More revenue and less fraud?

    By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter The new revenue law of 2020 was passed last October by the Mexican Congress and the Senate of the Republic. This new legal provision will enter into force next year in January, amid collective uncertainty, and an atmosphere of controversy between large companies and business chambers, …

  • 8 November

    San Diego Union Paints a Dark Picture of Mexico’s Reality

    By: Mario Conde, Reporter The growing violence in Mexico is creating concern among many. The San Diego Union-Tribune published a cartoon that has made headlines about how the cartel violence has taken over Mexico and the dangerous place the country is becoming. The recent killing of the Lebaron family is …

  • 8 November

    IID Approves Funding for Coachella Economic Development Group

    -Editorial The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors approved funding for the Coachella Valley Economic Development Partnership at their regular meeting. The Coachella Valley Economic Development Partnership was established in 1994 as a regional economic development entity. Its mission includes growing the regional economy of the Coachella Valley through business …

  • 5 November

    Imperial County Declares a State of Local Emergency Due to Raw Sewage Discharge at New River

    By: Mario Conde, Reporter Imperial Supervisors are done with diplomacy and will ask federal and state leaders to take immediate action on the New River as they approved an emergency declaration at their last meeting. The board met in regular session to approve this declaration that will ask the federal …

  • 1 November

    Jaime Bonilla Takes Oath as New Governor of Baja California

    By: Fidel Gastelum, Reporter In a solemn act, celebrated at the plenary upper hall of the state congress, Jaime Bonilla Valdez took oath as the new governor of Baja California. He is the first governor of Mexico that is aligned to the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), the party currently in …