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Legal news, insights and legal tips from experts in the legal field to help the binational community stay on top of the latest legal topics that are entirely defined by the significant local, regional, national, and around the world legal news.

Noticias legales, percepciones y tips legales dados por expertos en el ámbito legal para ayudar a la comunidad binacional a mantenerse informada sobre los temas legales más recientes que son enteramente definidos por noticias legales significativas locales, regionales, nacionales y de alrededor del mundo

December, 2016

  • 14 December

    The Success of Treatment Courts: Why and How They Work

    By: Veronica Henderson, Attorney at Law Across the United States, treatment courts such as drug courts, veterans’ courts, and mental health courts are becoming more and more available to criminal defendants with special issues and needs. These courts provide an alternative to traditional modes of justice, and they work. For …

November, 2016

  • 27 November

    Common Law v. Civil Law

    By: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, lawyer and former professor. The United States and Mexico have a very different history; their legal system differs greatly because of their historical process. The United States was introduced to the Anglo-Saxon family of law, which is better known as common law. On the other …

  • 22 November

    Recent Criminal Justice Legislation in California: Proposition 57 Paves the Way for Further Reform of an Overcrowded Prison System

    By: Veronica Henderson, Attorney at Law On November 8th, California voters were presented with several propositions relating to criminal justice reform. Proposition 57, largely the brainchild of Governor Jerry Brown, is an effort to recalibrate California’s criminal justice system by returning certain powers from prosecutors to judges, parole boards, and …

October, 2016

  • 8 October

    Indirect Elections

    By: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, lawyer and former professor. In these times of elections in the United States the concern to understand better the process to select the president of the nation arises, due to the difference of this process compared to Presidential elections in Mexico. Both countries have a …

September, 2016

  • 22 September

    The Three-Strikes Law: Changes and Implications for Our Border Community

    By: Veronica Henderson, Attorney In the United States, habitual offender laws (commonly referred to as “three-strikes laws”) are statutes enacted by state governments which mandate courts to impose harsher sentences on those individuals convicted of new,  criminal offenses  if they have been previously convicted of two or more prior, serious …

  • 7 September

    Human Rights

    By: Terry Ahtziry Cardenas Banda, lawyer and former professor. Human Rights is a concept that emerged on the 18th century, which lead to the recognition by nature of man and women as an autonomous individual with inalienable fundamental rights that should be safeguard by the State. The development and perception …

  • 7 September

    Trademarks and Licenses

    By: Jaime Israel Dávila Gómez, attorney One of the most important rights derived from having a trademark is to be able to exploit it economically through licensing. A license involves authorization of brand owner, for a third party to use it in the marketing of products or the provision of …

  • 6 September

    Some common reasons why people can’t get US visas

    Here are some common factors that may prohibit someone from obtaining a tourist visa for the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people receive what’s known as a tourist visa each year — though many also apply who are denied. The visa is also known as a visitor visa, in …

August, 2016

  • 20 August

    Trafficking, pimping and prostitution

    By: Elias Flores Gallegos, Attorney In recent days we heard a very socially relevant case in which a girl of just 18 years old, was recruiting other young women to provide sexual services, apparently since she was a minor. This person was the intermediary between the customer and the provider …

  • 20 August


    By: Veronica Henderson, Attorney at Law (Imperial County) A young girl, age 15, is crossing the border from Mexicali to Calexico, just as she does every day during the week to attend school. She is joined by many of her friends, as it has become common to see high school …