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Mantente al corriente de los últimos desarrollos en salud, entrenamiento personal, nutrición, recetas nutritivas y rutinas de ejercicio. Salud física y ejercicio. Revisa nuestros últimos artículos sobre entrenamiento físico, programas de levantamiento de pesas, historias motivantes, nuevos métodos y más.

July, 2019

  • 23 July

    Are You Drinking Enough Water?

    Article by: Banner Hospital How To Prevent Dehydration From Crushing Your Workout? Dehydration is a common but dangerous risk when you work out. We all know that drinking water is a simple way to stay safe while breaking a sweat, but is there more to it? Exercising produces sweat, and …

January, 2019

  • 20 January

    Guru – Who is one?

    The Syllable gu means darkness. The syllable ‘ru’ means destructor of darkness.  Therefore, ethnologically speaking, a guru is someone with weight and relevance as a teacher who can remove darkness and shows us the way. We are so reluctant to have a third person show us the way that we are …

  • 7 January

    7 benefits of regular physical activity

    You know exercise is good for you, but do you know how good? From boosting your mood to improving your sex life, find out how exercise can improve your life. Want to feel better, have more energy and even add years to your life? Just exercise. The health benefits of …

  • 5 January


    MEXICALI, BC- Due to the low temperatures that have registered in the region, the State Government headed by President Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the Department of Health of Baja California, recommends that the public take extreme care for the cold season. The head of the unit, Guillermo Trejo Dozal, …

December, 2018

  • 31 December


    The first death was recorded for this condition in the municipality of Ensenada MEXICALI, B. C.- The Government of the State headed by President Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, through the Ministry of Health, reiterates call to vaccinate against influenza, which is available in the health sector. In a press conference, …

  • 29 December

    The End of the Year and Adaptation to Change

    By: Ellie Burgueño The end of the year arrives and with it, the list of new resolutions or goals for 2019. Do you have yours? A few days remain before the end of the year toast for an excellent new year with the closest ones and to give thanks for …

November, 2018

  • 19 November

    8 Steps of Gratitude that Will Change Your Life

    By: Carol Tuttle You can’t force change. You need to allow it. And a key to allowing is accountability. When we take accountability for every aspect of our life we are in the most powerful position to allow change to occur. Implementing these 8 steps of gratitude will help you …

July, 2018

  • 28 July


    Undoubtedly we have experienced, more than once, the long car waiting lines to get across the border. How much time do we spend on this? Time we usually use chatting and joking on cell phone or at best listening to soft relaxing music.   “ The basics of Yoga is …

January, 2018

  • 3 January

    4 Benefits of Laughing Your Way Through The New Year

    By: Lee Volpe Like clockwork, people are composing their lists of New Year’s resolutions, and at the same time they’re ending this year with some of the same problems, frustrations or worries of past years.  They want to take a brighter outlook and ride those resolutions to a higher quality …

November, 2017

  • 23 November

    Binational Health Week Results Meeting

    -Editorial Ventanilla De Salud of Imperial Valley presented a report of Binational Health Week that took place in October. The report took place at Pioneers Memorial Hospital where the agencies that participated were present to see the results of a successful month of activities on both sides of the border. …