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Las noticias más recientes, comentarios y análisis sobre las escuelas, colegios y universidades, educación superior y más extensa en la región y noticias sobre la enseñanza y la educación superior y su problemática alrededor del mundo.

March, 2016

  • 15 March

    The Importance of Bilingualism in Education and Today’s Society

    By: Adrian Ptacnik It’s 2016, it’s election year and more than anything else, it is time to reminisce about everything that’s wrong. You have your token, “everyone agrees” topics such as the economy and unemployment. We have your “controversial” topics such as gun control, racism and climate change. And we …

  • 14 March

    So close and yet, so different!

    By: Attorney Terry Ahytziry Cardenas, current student at the LL.M. in Comparative Law with concentration on International Law, University of San Diego. Graduate from the LL.M. in Corporate and International Law with honors in 2012, Cetys University System. Former law professor at the Cetys University System and consultant at a …

February, 2016