January, 2018

  • 13 January

    Impacts of the United States Tax Reform in 2018

    By: Dr. Alejandro Díaz-Bautista, Economist, (PhD). “The tax reform of the United States is the largest tax modification in the country for decades. By increasing the national debt at a time when the economy is doing well, the fiscal proposal threatens to leave Congress with less room to maneuver to …

December, 2017

  • 27 December

    The NAFTA negotiations will conclude by 2018

    By: Dr. Alejandro Diaz-Bautista, economist (PhD) By 2018, there are risks to the economy, such as elections and the conclusion of NAFTA. “The Mexican economy continues to be vulnerable to external shocks, where the most obvious risks are the price of oil, the elections and the renegotiation of the North …

  • 17 December

    Trump’s stance dangerous for US, Canada and Mexico’s economy

    By: Dr. Alejandro Díaz-Bautista, economist (PhD) Trump’s government tough stance towards NAFTA talks is dangerous for the economy of the United States and Canada as well as Mexico. “Five of the seven negotiating tables of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) recently concluded in Mexico City, but we are …

November, 2017

October, 2017

  • 11 October


    By: Alejandro Díaz-Bautista, Economist (PhD) In the best-case scenario, Mexico’s new trade agreement with the United States and Canada would begin to be implemented by the end of the following year 2018 or early 2019. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations process is complicated and is likely to …

July, 2017

  • 27 July

    A Few Economic Indicators To Watch The Rest Of 2017

    According to the Washington Post, economic growth was slow in the United States during the first quarter of 2017, moving along at only 0.7 percent. The number is a big drop off from the 2.1 percent growth experienced by the nation in the final quarter of 2016 and a long …