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Reserve with 20% of the total payment for the 2018-2019 LNBP season Mexicali, Baja California.- Sale of Club Soles Mexicali tickets for the 2018-2019 season of the National Professional Basketball League (LNBP) begins, the season starts on October 11 at the PSF Auditorium, when Soles receives the Panthers of Aguascalientes. …

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3 Reasons Immigration Is Vital To The U.S. Economy

Immigration remains a hot-button topic, and how it’s tied to U.S. jobs and the economy creates much of the debate. Critics of immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, say they’ve taken jobs away from American workers. President Donald Trump emphasized that contention – often raised by Republicans – during his campaign with …

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History of Platelet Therapy

By: Dr. Elton Gómez, Stem Cells Expert By observing that many women with chronic diseases felt better during the last months of pregnancy and that this state of well-being was maintained for several months after childbirth, and even repeated in subsequent pregnancies. It was suspected that the placenta had a …

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NAHJ will honor Capital Gazette journalists murdered during ‘2018 In Memoriam’ during their annual conference in Miami

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) commented the Capital Gazette and their strength in fulfilling a vow to publish the June 29th paper.  In honor of the lives taken, NAHJ will include assistant editor and columnist Rob Hiaasen, special publications editor Wendi Winters, writer John McNamara, editorial page …

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Port of Entry in Calexico Opens its Doors Southbound

-Editorial The Calexico Port of Entry Expansion by the General Services Administration is about to be completed. Traffic to the south is already being redirected through Imperial Avenue to Second Street to the new port on Cesar Chavez Boulevard starting today, July 10th. In order to return to the United …

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